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Built for the modern era, and stripped of unnecessary bloat, Wiggle Tools enable you to create simplistic visual assets for use in larger projects or other applications.
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The Mission

The Wiggle Mission is to create powerful creative tools that are easy to access, enjoyable to interact with, and free to use, forever. Subscription fees, aggressive advertisements, exports with watermarks, large package downloads, and clunky user experiences: We're leaving those behind. Small & useful tools that accomplish dedicated tasks, for the creative world, deserve to exist this way.

So many creative tools on the market operate like a giant toolbox, shoving too many features in your face. This creates a steep learning curve, sluggish startup times, and general frustration that gets in your way when trying to create a simple visual. The tools we build aim to equip you with a core feature, and nothing else. We hope to become your favorite screwdriver within that giant toolbox.

We acknowledge that generative AI has arrived in full force, and likely makes these products obsolete. But for those who still value direct control over their creative output, we've got the tools for you.

The Wiggle Suite

Wiggle Animate

A vector-based motion graphics animation tool. Dozens of properties, keyframe control, and curve editors.

Wiggle Edit

A video editor so simple you'll never get lost. Cut, Layer, Export.

Gauging Interest

Visual Effects
Wiggle VFX

Apply basic effects to real footage -- green screen, blur, recolor, and complex layering.
Gauging Interest

What Else?

Know of a creative tool that lacks awesome or free alternatives?
Let us know.

Take it Offline

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